Portland, OR the Land of ROSES!

Last weekend I was one of the speakers at the ARS Pacific Northwest District Floribunda Workshop in Vancouver, WA which is a slow eight miles, across the bridge from Portland, OR. So I took that opportunity to visit a place that I had only been to once before, several years ago, Washington Park and the International Rose Test Garden. The past few weeks have been hot in the Pacific Northwest (80 to 90 degrees F.) so my expectations for bloom quality were not what you would see in the first flush in June but I was pleasantly surprised with the garden and maintenance given the recent weather. Three hours and 497 images later, I will be sharing more from this visit long after my own garden is resting for the winter. I will begin by sharing some shrub roses that were photographed in a cool, shady area.

Sunny Knock Out and Apricot Drift

Sunny Knock Out and Apricot Drift

'Sunny Knock Out'

‘Sunny Knock Out’

'Apricot Drift'

‘Apricot Drift’



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