Dr. Griffith Buck roses

When I lived in Minnesota and started growing roses in the late 1990’s, there seemed to be a re-discovery of the nearly 100 roses hybridized in Iowa by Dr. Buck. I was fascinated by the stipling pattern in a few of his roses, but quickly learned that many of the Buck roses could not survive in Minnesota as they do in Iowa. Now that I am in a much warmer winter low temp climate in Western Washington, I have been adding Buck roses every chance I get. This year, ‘Prairie Lass’ arrived from Heirloom Roses in Oregon. I also have ‘Spanish Rhapsody’ and ‘Freckles’ but they are not in bloom.

‘Summer Wind’ (1975) is also a special of mine because of the spicy fragrance and single form with contrasting stamens.

‘Folksinger'(1985) is a yellow blend shrub.


4 thoughts on “Dr. Griffith Buck roses

    • How cold does your garden typically get? I believe -10 F was his breeding goal. You could try it and do a generous mulching as soon as the ground freezes. Good luck!

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